This morning, Club Owner Tommy Agombar rang HUST Vice Chairman Martin Watson to update the Trust on the current situation.


Watson sought assurances from Agombar that staff would be paid today, and was promised that the admin staff at the club would be paid this afternoon after the Conference meeting. HUST will seek to confirm that these payments have been made at the earliest opportunity.

In regards to the non-payment of football creditors, Agombar told Watson that he failed to get written assurances from Dennis Strudwick that the club would not be expelled from the Conference  if they paid, and had received information from a well placed source that the Conference would relegate the Bulls regardless of payment.


Agombar also told Watson that he was sold the club as being £300,000 in debt, but the figure uncovered so far was £1.3million and that he wasn’t a man to throw money away. The Club would have to ‘sort its house out’ in order to continue.

Agombar assured Watson that he was fully committed to the club and was ready to announce new sources of investment next week.