Chris Williams has said that following the recent Trust Board Meeting he can see a shift in the work of the Trust; moving from supporting the creation of the Phoenix Club, Hereford FC, to a broadening out of activities in the community role.

He said “What we have achieved as a united supporters trust is tremendous. Our operating principles of openness and transparency have stood us in very good stead. We have not always achieved all we have desired, but where we have compromised, we have done so in the best interests of our ambitions.

Last week, after our Board meeting we were able to make a £25,000 first purchase of shares in Hereford Football Club, with much of the finance being ring-fenced donations from our own members. This is the first payment towards the ultimate acquisition of a fifty per cent holding in the new club. It is in itself a greater achievement than any of us would have anticipated, even just twelve months ago. I can’t thank our members enough for the generosity of the support they have shown over the two years of the existence of the Trust; we now have our club back, we now have the opportunity to have a big influence and we will now have football to watch at Edgar Street, this year.”

Recent negotiations with United in The Community, UITC, will strengthen the links between the stakeholders in HFC and the community including the participation of HUST Board members being in influential positions at Board level in all three organisations.

HUST will still need the help of its members and calls will be made in the near future to enlist help and support from members to assist in the exciting times that lie ahead. Not least of which will be the first return to Edgar Street on 11th July 2015 for the first pre-season friendly of the new campaign.