March to the top of Wales – Snowdon

Support Kristina & Jack as they climb to the highest peak in Wales on 29th June in aid of HUST, United in the Community & the Adam Stansfield Foundation.

Note: Any monies raised for the Trust will be ring fenced until it is clear what is happening with the football club. If Hereford United Football Club (1939) Ltd continues to exist but in a vain which the Hereford United Supporters are happy with, the Trust will increase the shareholding in the club which currently stands at near 40000 shares. If the new ownership continues to disregard it’s loyal staff, players & fans along with a complete lack of integrity when paying the other creditors of the football club, these funds will be held by HUST should a phoenix club arise. The monies raised for the two registered charities will be given as a donation from the Hereford United Supporters Trust’s behalf – as are the wishes of our two climbers.

Sponsor them through the following links

              HUST Snowdon Walk Sponsorship Form

Their current sponsorship total is (as at 29/06/14);


Of which £503 is paid up.

The Adam Stansfield Foundation & United in the Community will receive a proportion of these funds based on the amount raised, the more raised, the higher proportion they will receive. The proportions are shown as follows;

Total of up to £1000 – ASF & UTIC receive 10% each

Total between £1001 – £1500 – ASF & UTIC receive 15% each

Total between £1501 – £2000 – ASF & UTIC receive 20% each

Total of £2001 or above – ASF & UTIC receive 25% each

Should you wish part or all of your sponsorship monies to be to one or other of these great causes specifically, please let us know on donation or email us using with your specifications.


Current Split of Funds:

Hereford United Supporters Trust – £664.80

United in the Community – £85.60

Adam Stansfield Foundation – £85.60




Team Jack or Team Kris? – Who will raise the most?


(Note: GoFundMe donations will be split 50/50 unless otherwise specified)




Jack has raised £452.50 (as at 29/06/14)

Kris has raised £383.50 (as at 29/06/14)




The highest individual sponsorship winning the Signed Wayne Brown Superman Shirt is £50 (as at 29/06/14)

The Highest Sponsor will win this Signed ShirtThis garment signed by former Hereford United Goalkeeper and Fan’s Favourite Wayne Brown (AKA Superman) has been donated personally by Jack to say thank you to the highest sponsorship received for the MARCH TO THE TOP OF WALES – SNOWDON. Remember, the more that is donated, the greater benefit our charities will receive. Should more than one person donate the highest amount there will be a prize draw to see who walks away with the Signed Wayne Brown Shirt.










ARTICLE PUBLISHED 16/05/14 Treasurer of the Hereford United Supporters Trust Jack James & fellow Trust Member Kristina Guntulytė have registered to take part in the MARCH TO THE TOP OF WALES – SNOWDON. This is a walk/climb/scramble up to the top of Wales’ highest peak organised by Wrexham’s Supporters Trust in respect of their football clubs 150th anniversary and will take place on 29th June 2014 starting from the Pen-Y-Pass car park at 10am. Wrexham’s Supporters Trust usually open this walk each year to Wrexham Supporters only, but, in celebration of their landmark season they have offered 150 representatives from other clubs around the country. In the past 3 years, Wrexham have raised nearly £40,000 from this walk. Jack & Kris have ambitiously stepped up to the plate to climb one of the highest mountain ranges in the UK in the name of Hereford United & the Supporters Trust.


The route they are undertaking is the ‘Miners Track’, which was built during the last century to serve the Britannia Copper Mines, which was abandoned in 1917. It is said to be a three hour steady walk up to the top following this route, and half an hour less coming down! So around a 5 and a half hour trek in total.   The purpose of the walk is to raise funds for the Hereford United Supporters Trust. These funds, as specified to the wishes of Jack & Kris, will be used for 3 purposes;

  • The majority of the funds raised will be used to increase HUST’s shareholding in Hereford United Football Club (1939) Ltd, to give the supporters a more prominent voice in the say of running the football club.
  • They will also separate a proportion of the funds to help United in the Community who have taken over running of the youth team after a highly successful season, with many of the graduates offered professional contracts. Next season they would appreciate help covering travel costs for the youth team, so part of the proceeds from the donations received will be ring fenced as a donation from the Hereford United Supporters Trust to the Community Trust in respect of this.
  • Finally, Jack & Kris have stated they would also like to make a donation from the proceeds of the climb/march/walk/scramble to the Trust’s chosen charity, the Adam Stansfield Foundation. The charity run by the former Hereford player’s family has been extremely supportive of the Hereford United Supporters Trust since it’s launch in August last year.

The total amount raised will determine how much each venture will receive – if you would like to donate to one of these specifically, please let us know on donation of funds or email us using   3 great causes will benefit from Jack & Kristina’s pain. So how can you help? Donations can be made online, through our GoFundMe page following THIS LINK or you can download our sponsorship form HERE. Whilst we will have forms readily available to fill in and donate at Thursday Night’s Membership meeting, whilst we hope to get some in the club also.

20140516_185041 The biggest donation will receive a prize of a Wayne Brown Superman T-Shirt – Signed by the man himself – Donated by Jack

Furthermore, should you like make any suggestion of things to take up to the summit for photo opportunities or anything like that, please let us know. Although don’t make it too heavy or awkward to carry!!!   Any further questions, suggestions or if you would like to offer your support, please email us:   photo (2) ASfoundation


Article Published in the Hereford Times (22/05/14)

Meanwhile, Bulls fans Jack James and Kristina Guntulyte will be walking the Miners Trace on Mount Snowdon next month to raise money for the Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST). The aim of the trek on Sunday, June 29 will be to increase the shareholding of HUST at the club and to give supporters “a bigger voice”. The pair will also make a contribution to the United in the Community scheme towards the away travel of the youth team next season after HUST took over the running of it last term, as well as making a donation to their charity, the Adam Stansfield Foundation. For more information and to sponsor the walk, visit


Article Published on Bulls New (29/05/14)

Jack & Kristina To Conquer Snowdon

By Bobo
It’s just 31 days until Hereford United Supporters & HUST Members Jack James & Kristina Guntulytė climb/walk/scramble/hike to Wales’ highest peak via the Miner’s Track. The journey to the summit and subsequently back down is said to take around 5 to 6 hours in total and the pair have been scaling the Malvern Hills & the Brecon Beacons in training over the past couple of weeks and have more training planned before tackling Snowdon.
Since announcing their climb 13 days ago, they’ve managed to raise over £600 for 3 separate causes and are said to be chuffed to bits with the support they’ve received so far. The primary focus of the fund raising being for the Hereford United Supporters Trust, but also supporting two great charities wholly supported by HUST, the Adam Stansfield Foundation & the newly rebranded United in the Community. Both of these charities strive to promote youth football & develop skills within the community amongst other aims. Which is something that HUST are very supportive of. 
The proportion that will be received by each charity is determined entirely by how much is raised;
Up to £1000 – ASF & UITC receive 10% each
£1001 – £1500 – ASF & UITC receive 15% each
£1501 – £2000 – ASF & UITC receive 20% each
£2001 or above – ASF & UITC receive 25% each
It is also possible to specify that your donation goes to specifically to one or two of these causes should you so wish. Just let us know on donation.
The amount raised for the Hereford United Supporters Trust will be directly ring-fenced towards the purchase of shares in Hereford United Football Club (1939) Ltd. This is so that the supporters of Hereford United can have a greater say in the ongoings at each level of the football club through the Supporters Trust. This is the main aim of the fundraising as specified by HUST Members Jack and Kris. 
The pair are in a battle to see who raises the most sponsorship, with Team Kris currently leading by a solitary pound. Whilst there is also the prize of a signed Wayne Brown Superman T-shirt for the highest individual sponsor (Currently £50). They are also looking for items to take to the summit to represent Hereford United amongst upto 150 representatives from Wrexham (who have organised the event through their supporters trust) and upto 148 other supporters from other clubs around the country. So if you have something that you’d like to see at the top of snowdon let us know and as long as it isn’t big, heavy or awkward, Jack will carry it to the summit.
For more information check our website using (Note: the HUST website is currently down) or email Jack directly, whilst you are able to download our sponsorship form from the website or use the online GoFundMe website ( if you wish to donate towards our walk.
Jack & Kris would like to thank you all for your support so far and if you would like to sponsor us please get in touch. They’d love to raise as much as possible.