Dear Member,

As part of your membership with the Hereford United Supporters Trust, we continue to feel obliged to be open and honest with you in every aspect of what we do. This includes the finance side of the Trust and we are delighted to be able to provide you with a summary of where our monies have come from, what expenditure we have incurred and how we have performed over the past quarter..

The attached summary HUST Finance Summary 31 August 2014 provides details of Membership, Income & Expenditure at 31st August 2014. Also provided is a comparative from the last Membership & Finance Summary from 31st May 2014 – We intend to publish figures every 3 months. Please also see the below notes in our treasurers report.

As a member of the Trust you are entitled to this information, whilst we will also be publishing this information on our website in due course for publicity purposes, but we always prefer to inform our membership first.

If you have any queries about the figures presented in this email, or you would like any further information in regards to the data provided please do not hesitate to contact us, using and we’ll endeavour to get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Treasurers Report
Dear Member,

The 31st August 2014 represents the first full year of trade of the Supporters Trust since our launch night back on 29th August 2013. A year in the Trust’s life has proved challenging, in terms of hard work, engaging and a worthwhile exercise in our attempts to achieve our Aims & Objectives which we strive to adhere unto.

I’m delighted to be able to present our Membership with our Finance Summary to 31st August 2014, whilst reminding you that our year end accounts of the 31st May 2014 will also be published in full detailed accounts for our membership in due course, but at the moment these are in draft and will need statutory formatting before any publication.

In the past 3 months, the Trust has grown in size from just over 600 members to over 900 total members including our corporate & junior members. Our Income has increased on the basis of this, along with Donations to the Trust increasing by a further £700 in the 3 months. We’ve also seen an increase in Merchandise Sales – The We Want Our Club Back T-Shirts, designed by HUST Member Matty Rowe have been integral to this as they’ve been extremely popular, whilst the Prize Bull Lottery continues to successfully raise steady continuous Miscellaneous Income. The introduction of the Supporters Team has also seen excellent support and has further increased our revenue sources, all thanks to the hard work of HUST Board Member Chris Oleksy.

Expenses of the Trust continue to be kept to a minimum. No further funds have been paid to Hereford United Football Club 1939 Ltd in line with the boycott voted for by our members. Our main expenditure has been the purchase of Merchandise and a few administrative costs this quarter. Whilst fees from Paypal & other online sources have continued to steadily incur. The Trust’s shareholding in Hereford United Football Club 1939 Ltd is still 39,104 shares with confirmation of the transfer of shares from HUISA still to come. The Trust will not purchase any further shares in HUFC whilst the boycott remains in place.

In the past week we have also paid across all funds held to Charities, including funds raise for Help for Heroes, monies raised by myself and fellow Trust member Kristina Guntulytė for our climb up Snowdon to the Adam Stansfield Foundation, and of course the already publicised £1000.00 donation to United in the Community.

We continue to Ring Fence our funds for specific purposes on the Members request. Therefore, if you have made a donation on to the Trust and would like to specify that it goes to a certain purpose please get in contact and let us know what your request is. Any donations made without any specific instructions are put towards General HUST Donations.

The Balance Sheet is healthy, with the only Creditors for unsupplied clothing orders, after a delay with our supplier and has since been fulfilled. The net current assets less liabilities show a positive £11,934.

Any further queries regarding the financial side of the trust can be addressed to which will be relayed to me directly.

HUST will be holding their AGM on the 18th September at the Richmond Club. Due to personal reasons I will not be standing for re-elections meaning that the Trust will require a new treasurer. Although ideally I would like to stand for re-election in the role, time commitments will not allow this and I have already regretfully announced resignation of my post to the rest of the board members at the end of last month but will continue to service this role up until the AGM. To whoever takes my position on, I wish them the best of wishes and I am willing to assist them in whatever way I can, as I’m sure the handover will pose many questions. I would hope that the new treasurer is extremely talented with a spreadsheet too, as they’ll need to be to understand my methods!

It has been enjoyable experience for the majority of my time with HUST, sometimes the work has been hard, and especially balancing it all with working & other commitments, but I hope that my work has been worthwhile for the Trust as they continue to push in a strong direction, as the board has some very dedicated personalities who only want the best for our football club and give the biggest voice they can to the membership.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support whilst I have been on the HUST board, whether this be through support of us climbing Snowdon, to competing in the Prediction League, or even visiting us at our membership table before games. It’s been hard work at times, trying to keep everything up to date, especially every time David Keyte would open his mouth leading our Membership numbers going into overload.

Thank you to all who have supported Hereford United Supporters Trust, it has been an honour representing you.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards

Jack James
Hereford United Supporters Trust