HUST Spot The Ball

Take part in the HUST Spot The Ball competition for just £1 per entry!

The competition starts on the date shown.

You must be over 16 years of age to enter.

Using your skill, judgement and knowledge decide which grid square corresponds with the centre of the ball as decided by our panel of experts.

Entrants may choose any number of squares at £1 per square.

Enter the co-ordinates of your selections (e.g. L9, CC31) together with your name, contact details and payment using the online entry form or post your selections to HUST Spot the Ball 5, c/o UITC Office, Blackfriars Street, Hereford HR 4 9HS.

The winner will be the entrant whose selection matches that of the panel.

If more than one entrant identifies the correct square then the prize fund will be shared equally.

In the event that nobody selects the correct square then the prize fund will be rolled over to the next game.

The prize fund will be half of the total of entry fees collected plus any rolled over sums.

Entries close at 11.00pm GMT on the date shown.

Winners will be notified by email and the result of each competition will be announced on the HUST website.


HUST Spot the Ball is promoted by the Hereford United Supporters Society Ltd, c/o UITC Office, Blackfriars Street, Hereford, HR4 9HS.


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