Joint statement issued by the Boards of Hereford United Independent
Supporters Association (HUISA) and Hereford United Supporters Trust
(HUST) following a joint meeting at Edgar Street on Monday 3rd March

The meeting commenced with introductions from those present and opening
discussions from the Chairs of the two supporters organisations. These
outlined the aims, objectives and activities of each group and then
moved into fundraising strategies.

It was confirmed that HUST had made a commitment not to replicate or
duplicate any fundraising activity that HUISA was pursuing. As a
relatively young, new organisation the strategy HUST is pursuing is one
of building long term sustainable income streams to support the Trust in
its ambitions to support football in the county. Is was clear that HUISA
have more immediate fund raising capability and are continuing
supporting the club with ongoing financial donations.

The discussion then moved onto the current situation of the club and
matters of interest to supporters. The position regarding the Asset of
Community Value (ACV) was discussed in detail and it was felt that a
better understanding was gained by all of the purpose and function of an
ACV and why it has been pursued by the Trust Board.

A full and frank discussion then followed on the relationship that those
present had with each other, the supporters and with the Football Club
Board, given that many of those present had contributed to both the
supporters organisations in the past. It was clear that those present
all have a common thread of passion and support for the Football Club.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on ideas for running some form
of joint event between HUISA and HUST and a further meeting has been
arranged in April to develop these ideas further.