The Board of HUST attended last night’s liaison meeting with the Boards of HUISA and the Club. While the Club’s statement about the meeting acknowledged the positivity, and the general agreement that the Club must be run on sensible financial lines next season, it did not address the immediate future over the coming weeks.


The Board of HUST would like to state that, in line with previous public statements from the Club and individual Board members, they were told that another winding-up petition from HMRC is expected to be received in due course, and will likely be heard in the High Court before the Conference AGM in early June. Around £220,000 is still required by the club to meet it’s obligations up to the Conference AGM in seven weeks time including tax, wages, and fees due on loan players.


HUST will continue to support fund raising schemes and will happily pass across donations on the specifications of supporters however, realistically, the club will only survive in its current form with a significant cash injection by the end of May.


The Club’s Board continues to seek an investor for a takeover of the Club from outside the Hereford United fanbase, and have indicated that they would walk away from the club if guaranteed investment can be secured.