HUST would like to thank a number of people following last night’s meeting.


Firstly we would like to thank the Welsh Club committee and steward Ellen Moore for accommodating our meeting. We were very grateful that they could accommodate us at short notice for such an important meeting, in a room that was large enough to give as many people as possible a chance to hear proceedings.


We would like to thank Justin, Will, Joyce, Mel, Russ, and Angie of the Fundraising Group, who raised just over £400 for HUST with the draw last night. They have done sterling work over the last six months raising funds with draws at various Fans Team games. We would also like to thank Jamie Griffiths who has worked through the night to get the videos from last night’s meeting uploaded as soon as possible.


Finally, we would like to thank the 300 HUST members and other supporters that attended last night’s meeting. HUST has over 1,500 members and gained 50 new recruits last night. Nothing we hope to achieve can be done without the support of the fans and the community. We will need every one to play their part in the rebuilding of our club and stadium as we strive to achieve a sustainable future.